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Our Executive Director and his wife, being British, like fish and chips. They particularly like fish and chips from Sir Winston’s Fish and Chips here in Edmonton.

One day while talking to Jay, one of the owners of Sir Winston’s, and his daughter Vruta the idea of a joint project came up – Dinner Theatre. The concept of a meal and a show without leaving your seat appealed. After all if Dinner Theatre is successful at Jubilations and Mayfield then why would it not work in a much smaller, much more intimate setting like Sir Winston’s? So the idea of our Dinner Theatre was born.

One of the problems faced immediately was what type of show to present. Our first effort was what we can term as a “regular production”, there was a stage, actors learned their lines, there were props etc. It was very successful but took up a lot of the area in what is admittedly a very small space. That same night we also presented a radio play. This was presented as it would have been in the 40’s and 50’s, actors playing multiple parts, reading from the script into microphones, live sound effects. This allowed the audience to use their imagination and after all that is what radio is all about.

A decision was made that we would look primarily at radio shows for all our future Dinner Theatre evenings. Our second evening was a 3 part radio show, each part ending with a cliff hanger just like you would get on the weekly radio series, and was very well received. Our Dinner Theatre productions will not be totally restricted to radio shows but this will form the basis of our evenings. This has given rise to our unique call sign – WWRN – which stands for Winston Wylie Radio Network.

There are other positives that come out of radio plays – 

Radio drama is an entertaining and economical way to do theatre; There’s no need for sets, costumes or memorization; You perform with the script in-hand; Pre-recorded music tracks can underscore the shows with authentic accompaniment; and new people can be involved in live performances without the fear of forgetting lines.

We are looking at three Dinner Theatre productions per year – April, September and December. As we grow in strength then we may plan more in different parts of the city.

If you want to look at stage work, but it terrifies you, then why not start off gently with radio plays. We welcome all newcomers. Send us a message through the Contact tab on this website and I promise we will be in touch. If you already have stage or sound effect experience and would like to join our happy band we would definitely love to hear from you.

Let your imagination soar with radio plays.

Winston Wylie Radio Network

Sir Winston's Fish and Chips restaurant and Wyvern Players have joined forces to present Dinner Theatre in an intimate setting for the discerning connisseur.

Three times a year we present an evening of food and fun - a 3 course meal and a theatrical presentation.

The theatrical presentation, it is expected, will be primarily live Radio Theatre - both old and new.

We have already presented 2 Radio Shows - The Pepperonis by Eric Coble and Rick Lowell, Private Eye by Tony Palermo and one of what we could call 'regular theatre' - Over My Dead Body by Jean Blasair.

These shows will take place  on a Monday evening around April, September and December of each year. The cost is $50 per person but this gets you a 3 course meal  and fabulous entertainment. The meal usually contains Sir Winston's amazing fish and chips. If you have never experienced their fish the remember their motto - "Our fish can be battered but it cannot be beaten".

We are also looking at presenting a season ticket for all three presentations and we will keep everyone informed.

Keep Calm and Enjoy WWRN!